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About Us

Personalized Approach

Serving Ottawa since 2007, Capital Property Maintenance takes care of all needs to maintain residential & commercial properties in Ottawa and surroundings. We are committed in providing excellent snow clearing, lawn care and general landscaping services to all our customers using high-quality equipment. Our customers love doing business with us, which is why we get a lot of repeat businesses and referrals from them.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Our dedicated and reliable team has several years of experience managing properties for a variety of large commercial companies. We manage all sorts of field acreages, yards, mini-malls and we offer rough terrain cutting and vegetation control as well. We stand behind our personalized and professional services and we use the right equipment to complete all big and small jobs for most commercial and some residential customers.

Insured and Guaranteed

Our employees are skilled, trained, reliable who deliver quality workmanship in a courteous and professional manner.  Our staff is certified and the company is fully insured. We respect and value the importance of your residential or commercial landscaping vision and budget and we offer competitive pricing plans.

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